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Greed Corp

Greed Corp provides a completely new meaning to the language ‘source administration’. Here the source is not geysers, or gold, or woods. It is this that offers an original type of scheme to the sport.

You require sources to assemble structures and troops, but your tactical choices are limited by the harvest of those resources. It is an inversion of the manner RTS games that are classic perform out: instead of gradually becoming more strong over the course of a match, you are weakening your self, only to match your competitors.

There is even the structures illuminating as the sun sets, a night and day cycle.

That is because, on its face, Greed Corp is, if it seems straightforward. But the more you perform, the more strategies begin to appear, presenting you with the choice for extended term expense in cannons and insurance companies, or short term expense in troops. Can you put a harvester on the property to mine him or attempt to choose that property on your own, to further your market of your adversary? And while the effort is comparatively rudimentary, the price tag is more than justified by the chance for abusing and utilizing these clever strategies online against friends or strangers.